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Anna Lucas

Violence Against Women: What’s Health Got to Do With It?

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

In many settings Violence against women (VAW) has been perceived as a legal or cultural issue or as an event that takes place in the private sphere. Awareness of VAW as a health problem is not that common. It is a violation of human rights but also a large public health problem. Hopefully...

Aitana Oltra

Catch the Tiger: Building a Collaborative Map of Tiger Mosquito Distribution

It is well known that the tiger mosquito is an invasive species living very close to us. Some people are even aware that it is a recent arrival to our shores from Asia and a carrier of diseases that have been eradicated in Europe (although isolated autochthonous cases have recently been...

Supriya Rastogi

Why do Spanish Students Smoke more than U.S. Students?

Tobacco is the number one cause for preventable deaths in the world . To combat this dilemma, on January 2nd, 2011, Spain passed one of the most comprehensive tobacco legislations in Europe that banned smoking in all public spaces. However, in a country where smoking has played an integral...

Ariadna Sanz

Why Do We Need to Register Deaths?

Avoidable deaths are something that no population can afford. While death is an inevitable reality and beyond the control of doctors, scientists and politicians, the time and cause of death can (and should) be continuously analysed in order to introduce future improvements. The level of...

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