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Luis Izquierdo

The Fight Against Malaria. Chronicles From the Laboratory


Malaria is, without any doubt, the most significant parasitic disease in humans . Almost half of the world’s population lives at risk of infection in areas where the disease is endemic. According to recent data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), in 2015 there were over 200...

Selena Alonso

Damned Parasites!


Our project 'Damned parasites' was the most supported at the Fira de Recerca en Directe 2017 In 2015 alone, there were 211 million cases , which caused over 400,000 deaths —mainly among children under five years of age. We are talking about malaria , a disease caused by the ...

Natàlia Rodríguez

Ticks: Tiny Vectors, Big Problems

For some time, mosquitoes have been recognized as the most dangerous animal in the world, capable of transmitting diseases such as malaria, dengue or Zika, but with the first autochthonous case of Crimea Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in our country, ticks have captured media...

Denise Naniche

What Are the Applications of Vaccines in Global Health in 2017?


At the end of May, the Master of Global Health  organized by ISGlobal and the University of Barcelona will host the 4th edition of Development and application of vaccines in global health . In this course, students and health professionals from around the world will join to learn...

Oriol Mitjà

Yaws: How to Eradicate a Disease Worldwide


[This article has been published in Spanish in Planeta Futuro-El País ] Eradicating yaws is within our reach and the cost is very low It was in 2010 when I was in London finishing my specialist training in infectious diseases that an Australian friend—also a...

Denise Naniche

Focusing on Males in the Sub-Saharan African HIV Epidemic: a Win-Win Solution for Men and Women


Why are women more likely to be infected and men more likely to die from HIV? In 2015, nearly 70% of the 37 million people infected with HIV were living in sub-Saharan Africa . Contrary to HIV infections in Europe, most HIV transmission occurs through heterosexual sex in Africa and the...

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