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Adelaida Sarukhan

From the Heart of Africa, a Message for World Malaria Day

Malaria,Policy & Global Development

Have you ever had malaria? Why did you decide to study it? What lessons have we learned – or not- in the fight against the disease? These are some of the questions we asked our ISGlobal team that attended the Keystone Symposia meeting “Malaria: from Innovation to Eradication”...

Joan Tallada

Six Myths About Development and Global Health (and Books that Debunk Them)

Policy & Global Development

The pattern repeats, as in Groundhog Day : you get invited to a meeting of leading lights—a great privilege, you might say. Once there, you wonder how you managed once again to get roped into spending several hours of your life listening to platitudes, regurgitated ad nauseam, that would...

Natalie Mueller

The Health Benefits of Cycling

Environmental Health

Large amounts of public space in cities are assigned to accommodating motor traffic While physical-intensive labour and mobility activities have decreased over the decades resulting in sedentarism and the obesity crisis , motor vehicle usage is still on the rise. Continuing expansions of...

Christine K. Tarr Attia

From Ebola to Hope: My Experience as a Nurse Learning to Conduct Trials on Infectious Diseases in Liberia


In April 2016, I was glad to have the opportunity to apply as a trainee in the SELeCT Project (Strengthening Laboratory Capacity at St. Joseph’s Catholic hospital for Clinical Trials) . As a trained Registered Nurse, I knew that my involvement with this project could make a great...

Adelaida Sarukhan

These Maps Explain Why Health is Global


[This article has been written by Adelaida Sarukhan, scientific writer at ISGlobal, with the collaboration of Eduard Martín-Borregón, and it has been published in Spanish in The Huffington Post ] There is no doubt: in an increasingly interdependent world, health has become a global...

Carolyn Daher

Kicking Our 20th Century Addiction and Reclaiming Our Cities

Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in Planeta Futuro-El País] We have come to see cars not merely as a mode of transport but as a fundamental right. But at what cost? Let’s be honest with ourselves. We are addicted to our cars . Nearly a century of seductive...

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