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Carles Aranda

The Common House Mosquito: An Unwanted Companion in Our Lives

Culex pipiens is the common house mosquito—the one that tries to bite you at night and wakes you up with its dreadful buzzing Culex pipiens is the common house mosquito —the one that tries to bite you at night and wakes you up with its dreadful buzzing. The typical...

Rachel Lowe

Can Climate Forecasts Also Predict Disease Outbreaks?

Environmental Health

In a recent study, we used climate forecasts to predict the risk of a dengue epidemic Decision-makers in resource strained settings face the daunting task of budgeting for unforeseen emergencies at the start of each fiscal year. Advance warning of when disasters might strike , from...

Irene Romero

Access to Health Innovation, Discussing Current and Future Solutions

Training & Education

What if you had to take the one medicine that keeps you alive and costs over $1000 a pill? Choosing your smartphone may be a matter of budget, newness, functionality or ‘what’s cool now’. You may have enough money to buy the latest smartphone with the latest...

Elisa López

New Drugs for the Treatment of Tuberculosis in Children


In its most recent update of the Model List of Essential Medicines, the WHO has included several new drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis In its most recent update of the Model List of Essential Medicines , the World Health Organisation has included several new drugs for the...

Èrica Martínez

How Heatwaves Affect Our Health

Environmental Health

A heatwave is a period of at least three consecutive days during which the temperatures forecast are higher than the maximum temperatures recorded for the season Recently, the weather has become a very common topic of conversation. And the reason is that this year we have had the...

Silvie Huijben

Malaria Elimination: What´s Evolutionary Biology Got To Do With It


Over the past decade we have witnessed great success in reducing malaria morbidity and mortality worldwide . Several countries are even reaching, or working hard towards the elimination of malaria. Much of the successes can be attributed to insecticide- and antimalarial-based interventions :...

Clara Pons

Day of the African Child: The First Month of Life Will Be the Most Dangerous

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

[This entry has been published in Spanish in Planeta Futuro-El País] Even today, 16,000 children around the world die every day before reaching their fifth birthday It seems logical to those of us who live in the Western world to say that children born in 2017 or in the past...

Gonzalo Fanjul

Passports Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Policy & Global Development

[This post has been published in Spanish on the blog 3.500 millones] We must anchor the fundamental rights of people who migrate to their status as human beings and citizens, not to the possession of a passport I take a practical stance: international migration is a fact, and...

Leonardo De La Torre

Co-creation, Collaboration, Community: The InSPIRES Kick-Off Meeting


Co-creation. Collaboration. Community . The words projected on the wall were big, and getting bigger. Innovation. Change . A few minutes earlier, we had been asked to think about the topic “Science Shops 2.0”. Work networks. Interactive, inclusive processes . Gradually, we...

Luis Izquierdo

The Fight Against Malaria. Chronicles From the Laboratory


Malaria is, without any doubt, the most significant parasitic disease in humans . Almost half of the world’s population lives at risk of infection in areas where the disease is endemic. According to recent data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), in 2015 there were over 200...

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