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Mireia Gascon

Blue Spaces: What Impact do Coasts and Rivers on Our Health?

Environmental Health

Europe has 91,000 km of coastline and more than half of its population lives within 50 km of the sea. Yet, whilst the average city-dweller resides just 2.5 km from a freshwater source such as a river, lake or canal, there has been little research into the health impacts of these...

Adelaida Sarukhan

Yellow Fever in Asia: a Ticking Time Bomb


[This article is written by Adelaida Sarukhan (ISGlobal) and Jose Muñoz (ISGlobal-Hospital Clínic)] In March 2016 the first ever cases of yellow fever were reported in Asia While worldwide attention was drawn during the first months of 2016 towards the Zika epidemics and the...

Krijn Paaijmans

Be Prepared: The Most Dangerous Animals on Our Planet Are Here to Stay


They are the most beautiful mosquito species we have: The Aedes family . Small, dark with bright white spots and stripes. But that is only beauty on the outside. In reality, these Aedes mosquitoes are tiny murder machines: They are the most deadly mosquito family on our planet , as they...

Oriol Mitjà

Where There Is a Will There Is a Way: A Call on the United Nations to Accelerate Eradication of Yaws


I had the opportunity to make an appeal to the different stakeholders that have a role to play in the eradication of yaws On 11 July, Where the Roads End , a documentary about the fight against yaws disease was screened at the United Nations headquarters (New York). During a...

Lea Maitre

The Exposome: Understanding the Effect of the Environment on Our Health

Environmental Health

Since the 1980s, research on the origin of diseases has focused on the genetic component. If you search in  Pubmed  for “causes of diseases” you will find 764,469 publications relating it to “genetics” whereas only 74,055 for “exposures”. Research...

Clara Ballesté

Antibiotic Resistance. Ideas Worth Spreading in an Innovative Way

Antibiotic Resistance

I was lucky enough to give a talk at the TEDx Sant Cugat 2016 event (...) about  the resistance that many bacteria are developing to antibiotic drugs On 7 July last, I was lucky enough to take part in an experience that proved to be intense, challenging and enriching, and...

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