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Development cooperation in middle income countries

  • Mireia Navarro

    International Cooperation for Health in Middle-Income Countries

    Should middle-income countries receive international aid to improve their health systems? This question is currently the subject of considerable debate, and there is no simple answer. On the one hand, health is closely related to both equity and poverty ; a population’s access to health...

  • Daniela Enzler

    Balancing 'Carrot and Stick” in Global Aid for Health

    Should international aid for health support middle-income countries ? International health funds tend to answer this question with ‘no’, based on the states responsibility and ability to pay, and focus on low-income countries only. The following lines try to examine this policy from a...

Adelaida Sarukhan

The most feared pathogens: 9 diseases that could cause a major epidemic


The recent declaration of the zika virus as a “global emergency” by the WHO as a consequence of the epidemic in Latin America highlights once more the threat that emerging diseases represent for public health. It is not easy to predict when and where new infectious diseases will...

Manolis Kogevinas

European Code Against Cancer. 12 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk


There are an estimated 2.64 million new cancer cases and 1.28 million cancer-related deaths every year in the European Union. In Spain, there were an estimated 128 550 new cases of cancer among men and 86 984 among women in 2012 The number of cancer-related deaths in the same year was 63 579 for...

Silvie Huijben

Drug Resistance Research: Running to Stand Still Yet Taking Big Steps Forward

Antibiotic Resistance

Twenty-seven researchers coming from eight different disciplines, all working on the same problem, yet most didn´t know each other or each other´s field until last week. We didn´t read each other’s papers nor did we bump in to each other at conferences. This is the strange reality of drug...

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