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Mohamed A. Kanu

My Experience at the ISGlobal Master of Global Health Programme in Barcelona

Training & Education

In Sierra Leone, where I come from, most of the young graduates are unemployed. Graduates are left to aspire for two major opportunities: to get a job or to secure an international scholarship to pursue the studies of their dreams. Photo: Glòria Solsona I am able to better...

Nicole Beatriz Michelen

Hacking Hunger

Training & Education

[Written by Eleni Kavoura and Nicole Beatriz Michelen​, students of the Master of Global Health ISGlobal-UB] Hackathons are all about developing creative solutions to a specific problem Hackathons are all about developing creative solutions to a specific problem by bringing...

Should Global Health be Considered a Security Issue?

Training & Education
  • Jainaba Catherine Kargbo
    Training & Education

    Global Health is a Security Issue

    Should Global Health be Considered a Security Issue? Is the gradual securitization of most health issues a positive or a negative development for effective global health governance? The outstanding words in th...

  • Brittany Bowman
    Training & Education

    Securitization Undermines Global Health Governance Efforts

    Should global health be considered a security issue?   Before addressing this question, I must begin by briefly trying to define what is meant by health securitization and by global health governance (GHG). Hea...

Meggie Mwoka

Let’s Talk About Private and Public Health Care

Training & Education,Health Equity

The discussion on the role of private health sector in low and middle income countries is often met with mixed feelings. Different paradigms on whether health is a public good versus a business underlie the discussions. The private health sector is undergoing massive growth...

Meggie Mwoka

Kenya’s Struggling Health System

Training & Education

Public healthcare workers in Kenya often work in conditions where they are overloaded and under resourced Six months ago the 100-day Kenyan doctors’ strike came to an end after the doctors’ union and government agreed to sign a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA)...

Irene Romero

Access to Health Innovation, Discussing Current and Future Solutions

Training & Education

What if you had to take the one medicine that keeps you alive and costs over $1000 a pill? Choosing your smartphone may be a matter of budget, newness, functionality or ‘what’s cool now’. You may have enough money to buy the latest smartphone with the latest...

Public-Private Partnerships in Global Health

Training & Education
  • Florence Gignac
    Training & Education

    Public-Private Partnership: A Useful Global Health Tool in 2017?

    [Florence Gignac is student at the ISGlobal-UB Master of Global Health ]

  • José Cerezo
    Training & Education

    Towards the Privatization of Global Health: Do we Need Coca-Cola to Fight Coca-Cola?

    [José Cerezo is student at the ISGlobal-UB Master of Global Health ]

Climent Casals-pascual

Lost in Translation... or How to Make Your Research Matter

Antibiotic Resistance,Training & Education

I would love to tell you what I do for a living. Not sure you’ll be interested, though; it’s been a while since biomedical research lost its glamour . Yes, we all make an effort to communicate what we do with our lives (professionally speaking, that is), hoping that someone will...

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