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Laura De La Fuente

From Manhiça, Mozambique. Goal: Change the December 1st Slogan


[This article has been published in Spanish in El-País-Planeta Futuro  on the occasion of World AIDS Day] Illustration by María de la Fuente Soro   This year, once again, the population of Manhiça located south of Mozambique is preparing, as in other...

Nadiya Matskiv

New Strategy in the Fight against HIV: Preventive Treatment for People at Risk


This post was written by Nadiya Matskiv, an internal medicine specialist at Hospital San Rafael in Madrid (Spain), and Antonio Rueda Martinez , a resident in dermatology and venerology at Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañon in Madrid. A recent UNAIDS publication reveals a...

Denise Naniche

Focusing on Males in the Sub-Saharan African HIV Epidemic: a Win-Win Solution for Men and Women


Why are women more likely to be infected and men more likely to die from HIV? In 2015, nearly 70% of the 37 million people infected with HIV were living in sub-Saharan Africa . Contrary to HIV infections in Europe, most HIV transmission occurs through heterosexual sex in Africa and the...

Elisabetta Salvo

How Can we Combat Abandonment of Antiretroviral Therapy Among HIV-Positive People in Africa?


[This post has been written by  Denise Naniche , Laura de la Fuente , Elisa López , Lucía Pastor  and  Elisabetta Salvo ] International collaboration and integrated efforts are essential Mozambique is a country with a particularly high HIV prevalence in adults...

Clara Pons

Is HIV a Poverty-Related Disease?


Is HIV infection associated with poverty? Are there other factors involved in this possible association? These are questions that exercise the minds of at least one person (and in reality many more) in the world today. Middle- and low-income regions are the areas hardest hit by the...

Maria Ruperez

What Happens If Antiretroviral Therapy Starts to Fail?


In one of the areas with the highest prevalence of HIV infection in the world (40% of the population in Manhiça), families and communities have been decimated by the epidemic It's 6.30 in the morning in Mozambique, and the waiting room of the pharmacy in the Manhiça health centre is already...

Denise Naniche

Pediatric AIDS: A Neglected Disease

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health,#ObjectHealth,HIV/Aids

Without antiretroviral treatment, up to 80% of HIV-infected children die before their 5th birthday Every day 500 children die of AIDS in the world, most of them in low-income countries of Africa and Asia. This may seem like a relatively small number next to the 4,000 adult deaths every day...

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