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Anna Cusí

Hepatitis C: A Public Health Problem—Not Only in Spain

Policy & Global Development,Training & Education

The recent statement by Spain’s Health Minister regarding the Government’s Strategic Plan for Hepatitis C has brought hope to a group of patients who have been fighting for a long time for the right to receive the new oral therapies for hepatitis which achieve high cure rates but are not...

Alberto García-basteiro

What Research Can Do to Stop Tuberculosis


2015. The last year before we draw the final balance for the Millennium Goals. The target of halting and reversing the spread of tuberculosis (TB) throughout the world—not such an ambitious target really—was achieved years ago. Even so, that is not really much cause for satisfaction....

Elodie Besnier

Access to Medicines within the Right to Health: Echoes from the 2015 OHCHR Social Forum

Policy & Global Development

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights just held the 2015 Social Forum , focused this year on access to medicines in the context of the right to health. Yet, the take-away you brought home from this 3-day-meeting clearly depends on who you are and above all, whose speech you...

Olimpia De La Rosa

Dealing With Malaria in Times of Ebola


The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is having devastating consequences. To the direct effects of the epidemic —over 23,000 cases and more than 9000 deaths according to the World Health Organisation—we must add its economic and social effects and collateral effects on healthcare systems and...

Clara Menéndez

Being a Woman at the Epicentre of an Ebola Epidemic

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health,Ebola

[This post was written by Clara Menéndez & Anna Lucas , director and coordinator, respectively, os ISGlobal's Initiative of Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health] "Women’s role in West African communities has also placed them in the front line for possible contagion." The...

Gonzalo Fanjul

Hepatitis C Shouldn’t Become Another Ebola

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

Electoral pressure seems to have exerted its magical effect as the government announced during the state debate that all Hepatitis C (HCV) patients in our country will receive the new treatment in the next few weeks. The engagement has led to a soft loan to the autonomous communities (the...

Leire Pajín

Goal for Mesoamerica: Eliminate Malaria

Malaria,Policy & Global Development

52 of the 103 countries that had active malaria transmission in 2000 are on track to meet the target of reducing its incidence by 75% The year 2015 has arrived—the year which the United Nations, the international community and world heads of state set as the target for the Millennium...

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