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Rafael Vilasanjuan

Health After the Millennium Development Goals

Policy & Global Development,AID

None of the Millennium Development Goals will be achieved exactly as planned. However, we all want to include the issues we see as essential in the new framework of the Sustainable Development Goals As we approach the target date set at the end of the last century for achieving a series of...

Nina Wine

The Use of Data Sharing as a Means to Reduce Health Insurance Fraud

Policy & Global Development,Training & Education

Fraud in healthcare has massive negative repercussions on all stakeholder involved. From individual policy holders and private companies to government health care schemes and health insurance companies, the losses can be devastating and the repercussions can be widespread. Yet despite an...

Lessons Learnt from the British Cooperation

  • Gonzalo Fanjul

    What Spain Should NOT Learn From the British Aid System

    Last week I wrote a

  • Gonzalo Fanjul
    Policy & Global Development,AID

    What Can Spain Learn from the British Aid System?

    Over the last two days, ISGlobal has been involved in a small experiment: we have travelled to London to learn about the British aid system. The group included five members of parliament from three different parties (we invited several of them – including Podemos – but only received a positive...

Lupe Sánchez

Cómo crear equipos de innovación en salud global

Training & Education

Hace ya unos cuantos años, en una clase de ética del colegio en el que estudiaba, escuché que las empresas, las organizaciones, están al servicio de la sociedad. Admito que entre una mezcla de inocencia y utopía me creí esta idea como un hecho real.  De alguna manera esta idea forjó uno...

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