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Anna Lucas

Mother and Child Health: Progress Slow and Still Inadequate

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

First, let's take a look at the statistics. Despite the progress made, millions of women and children are still suffering and dying every day due to easily preventable and treatable conditions. Every year 300,000 women still die during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period ...

Gisela Sanmartín

Are You a Scientist? 11 Points to Keep in Mind When Working With the Media


1. The journalist is your ally, not your enemy. Bring your research to the general public and help to enhance the understanding of science. Remember, most scientific research is funded by public money so we have a duty to communicate our findings.   2. Never underestimate a...

César Velasco

Universal Access to Treatment for HIV

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health,Training & Education

Humanity’s struggle against HIV/AIDS began 30 years ago. The ensuing efforts to control the epidemic have not only saved lives but also given hope to millions of people. In the early years, nobody expected that treatments would advance so much in such a short time, or that they would become...

Paula Peremiquel

Health: a Right or a Privilege?

Training & Education

Today we continue to suffer the consequences of a financial crisis that crossed borders with a speed characteristic of an infectious disease—and a contagious one at that—as the result of the interdependence of states. It’s a crisis that arrived as we reached a peak in health and development...

Manolis Kogevinas

Health and the Environment: The Risks Are Real and We Can All Do Something About Them

Environmental Health

Much of today’s discussion and research on health is focused on genetics, biotechnology and potential new therapies. These advances are important, but they do not address some of the basic issues related to the health of populations. Why are we seeing a steady increase in the incidence of...

Joan Tallada

Public Health and Global Health: Similar but Not the Same

Training & Education

As I set my glass down on the bar, the question I was expecting came from the person standing right behind me. —So, what do you do? —Me? I ... I'm in global health. —What's that? —Health as it affects everyone. —That's kind of redundant. Bad start. I was going to have...

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