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Azucena Bardají

Health Recommendations for the International Traveller

IIf you are going to make a trip abroad you may be interested in knowing a few things that are important for your health. You need to start planning an international trip well in advance. Depending on your destination and the duration and type of trip, there may be potential risks for your...

Lucía Fernández

Evident and not so Evident Ways by which Climate Change Affects Our Health

Environmental Health

Traditionally Climate Change has arisen concerns mostly related to its impact on natural resources and subsequent economic burden. The direct impact on human health has been substantially neglected in public debate. However, the release of the second part of IPCC Fifth Assessment Report last...

Joaquim Ruiz

The Forgotten Disease of the Andes

The Andes range forms the backbone of the South American continent. It is bounded on one side by the endless Amazonian rainforest and the interminable plains of Argentina and on the other by the semi-arid coastal regions of Chile and Peru to the south and by Ecuador and Colombia to the north....

Ragna Boerma

How to Find a Job in Global Health?

Training & Education

The job question has been coming up every once in a while this year. Over the past months it has become one of the main questions we -that is, the students of the 2013-2014 class of ISGlobal’s Master of Global Health and Master of Clinical Research - ask ourselves. In times of economic...

Josep M. Antó

Asthma, the Epidemic That Came and Stayed

Environmental Health

In 1983, the Lancet published an article describing an asthma epidemic in Barcelona. Over a period of a few hours, dozens of patients were treated for severe asthma attacks in the emergency departments of several hospitals. These transient epidemics occurred repeatedly over several years,...

Jordi Vila

Who is to Blame for the Rise in Antimicrobial Resistance?

Antibiotic Resistance

A couple of days ago Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General for Health Security in the World Health Organisation ( WHO ), sounded a general alarm with the publication of a working paper entitled Antimicrobial resistance: Global report on surveillance. In his statement, Dr Fukuda warned...

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