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Javier Sancho

Chagas Disease Can - And Must- Be Treated


 -April 14, International Chagas Day- Chagas Disease can and must be treated . This is the message that the Global Coalition for Chagas Disease , together with its partners and allies, wishes to underline on the occasion of International Chagas Day next April 14.  ...

Javier Sancho

World Chagas Day: One of 39,000


Her name is Mayerlín. She is seven years old and she should not be one of the 39,000 people in the world who will contract Chagas disease this year Her name is Mayerlín . She is seven years old and she should not be one of the 39,000 people in the world who will contract Chagas disease...

Adelaida Sarukhan

These Maps Explain Why Health is Global


[This article has been written by Adelaida Sarukhan, scientific writer at ISGlobal, with the collaboration of Eduard Martín-Borregón, and it has been published in Spanish in The Huffington Post ] There is no doubt: in an increasingly interdependent world, health has become a global...

Javier Sancho

Chagas Disease: Those Who Sit in the Stands Also Play the Game


From her seat in the stands at Barcelona Football Club’s Mini Stadium, Lisbeth Salazar followed the movements of one player attentively. Sitting in the shade beside her partner Carlos, she had come to answer the call to play a match against Chagas disease . Owing to health problems,...

Leonardo De La Torre

Chagas Disease: Celebrating a Victory over Fear and Misinformation


The night before her first visit, Irene could not sleep: “What will they find? Do I have Chagas disease? Or HIV/AIDS? There are so many possibilities. And what about my daughters, my brothers, my sisters?"  'Spread the Word in the Fight Against Chagas' is an initiative to inform...

Adelaida Sarukhan

World Chagas Day: 5 Problems and a Series of Solutions


On the occasion of the World Chagas Day, ISGlobal has published a special digital report   on the main obstacles and a series of  solutions to break the silence on Chagas disease. We invite you to read the report and spread the voice to break the silence...

Eva Muñoz

Chasing a Dream


My name is Eva. I am from Bolivia and a nurse by profession. I left my country some years ago with the dream of doing graduate studies and using my training to contribute to the Bolivian health system. Chagas disease was causing a certain amount of fear among the Bolivians living here...

Silvia Moriana

Chagas: Caught Between Neglect and Opportunity


To mark this important day, we want to reflect on why, in 2015, 99% of patients with Chagas disease still lack access to diagnosis and treatment Today, 14 April, International Chagas Day , is an appropriate day to talk about Noelia, a little girl who was born ten years ago in the Chaco...

Rafael Vilasanjuan

Chagas, entre el silencio y el olvido

Chagas,Health Equity

A diferencia de la malaria o el dengue, el mal de Chagas es una enfermedad poco conocida. Sin embargo, se trata de una enfermedad mortal y es, además, una de las principales causas que impide el desarrollo rural y económico de amplias zonas rurales en Latinoamérica. El Chagas es una...

Joaquim Gascon

Chagas Disease, a Paradigm for Health Inequity


One study estimates the annual global cost of Chagas disease at over 7 billion US dollars Chagas disease , caused by infection with the Trypanosoma cruzi ( T.cruzi ) parasite, originated in Latin America. If left untreated, the disease becomes chronic. An estimated 10 million people are...

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