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Felipe Guhl

The Major Challenges Still Facing Chagas Disease Research


American trypanosomiasis, or Chagas disease, is a zoonotic disease and as such cannot be eradicated . It is estimated that over 150 species from 24 families of domestic and wild animals across vast regions of the Americas carry the parasite responsible for Chagas disease, Trypanosoma cruzi. ...

Laia Bertran

Europe, 2024: Do you remember the Robin Hood Tax? Which Side of History Was Spain on?

Policy & Global Development,AID

The Robin Hood Tax campaign has released a short film to encourage European governments to reach the broadest possible agreement on the European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), known popularly as the Robin Hood tax. Although the introduction of the tax is imminent, strong political...

Silvia Brugueras

Pharmacists Without Borders for Two Months and a Half in Mozambique

Training & Education,AID

[This post was written by Sílvia Brugueras Torrella and Marta Encuentra Romero] A country of contrasts—that was the impression that stayed with us after two and a half months in Mozambique doing practical field work with the Spanish NGO Farmacéuticos Sin Fronteras (pharmacists...

Kate Whitfield

We Should Take on the Job to Eradicate Malaria


The Keystone Symposium 'The science of malaria eradication' ended with a common appreciation of bringing together scientists from completely different disciplines, but whose work is led by the singular goal of clearing malaria infection from the entire world . “We need to put our own work...

Rafael Vilasanjuan

I Wish I Had AIDS!

Policy & Global Development

Nothing conditions people’s lives as much as health—or, rather, the lack of it. The ability to work, produce, create wealth and raise a family is directly related to health. It is difficult—very difficult—to develop a community or a country when the government, education system or...

Kate Whitfield

"Imperfect Tools Applied to Control Malaria May Still Lead to Remarkable Results"


The third day at the Keystone Symposium on The Science of Malaria Eradication was an action packed day of exciting discussions on vaccines and tools to measure transmission, with an interlude to the Mayan ruins of Mayapan, where the malaria community rhetorically climbed the 'Mayan pyramids'...

Kate Whitfield

If Elimination is a Stable State, How Do We Get There?


The Keystone Symposium on The Science of Malaria Eradication entered its second day of activities with a focus on drug based strategies and health systems research in the elimination context . The evidence for use of single dose primaquine to clear P. falciparum infections, the new K-13...

Kate Whitfield

Malaria Eradication: It always seems impossible until it is done


'It always seems impossible until it is done'   Nelson Mandela From bioethical considerations, to mapping trends in malaria transmission with basic biology. From inspiring lessons in other eradication campaigns, to regulatory issues around tools which benefit populations, to...

Kate Whitfield

Kick-Off to the The Science of Malaria Eradication Keystone Symposia


The science of malaria eradication Keystone Symposia celebrated its first day of activities in Merida, Yucatan, with a workshop devoted to students and researchers from endemic countries that received a travel award to attend the meeting.  This workshop offered the opportunity to...

Rafael Vilasanjuan

Is Polio Making a Comeback?

Immunization,Policy & Global Development

Don’t be alarmed—we’re more or less safe here in Europe, for now—but polio has been making headlines again. Several health care workers have recently been killed in attacks on polio vaccination teams trying to reach the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which is where most cases...

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