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Adelaida Sarukhan

The Epidemiological Transition (or What We Died, Die and Will Die From)


  What is it?  A baby born in Spain in 1900 could hope to live an average of 35 years. In 2011, he/she can expect to live up to 82 years, more than twice. Over the last two centuries, not only the life expectancy has doubled (or even tripled) across the world. The...

Raül Toran

An Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology: the Case of Air Pollution


This article has been written by the researcher  David Rojas  and the science communicator  Raül Torán , both from ISGlobal, and it has been published at  Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera  in Catalan What is environmental epidemiology? Why is it so...

Adelaida Sarukhan

A Year in Global Health

Epidemiology,Policy & Global Development

This has been an eventful year in global health. It has also been so for our institute, that enters a new phase with the merger of CREAL and the incorporation of research on non-communicable diseases and environment. The Zika virus [...] spread from Brazil to USA in less than one...

Jaume Ordi

Knowing the Causes of Death in Developing Countries: an Absolute Requirement to Reduce Mortality


[This article has been written by  Jaume Ordi , Research Professor at ISGlobal, and  published in Spanish in El Universal (México)] Knowing the most frequent pathologies that affect a population and the diseases that cause the most deaths is of utmost importance ...

Adelaida Sarukhan

What Do the Two First Autochthonous Cases of Crimea-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever in Spain Mean?


[This article has been written by  Adelaida Sarukhan , PhD in Immunology scientific writter at ISGlobal, and  Joaquim Gascon , Head of the International Health Service at Hospital Clínic and Director of the Chagas Initiative at ISGlobal, and published in Spanish in  El País -...

Adelaida Sarukhan

Yellow Fever in Asia: a Ticking Time Bomb


[This article is written by Adelaida Sarukhan (ISGlobal) and Jose Muñoz (ISGlobal-Hospital Clínic)] In March 2016 the first ever cases of yellow fever were reported in Asia While worldwide attention was drawn during the first months of 2016 towards the Zika epidemics and the...

Adelaida Sarukhan

The most feared pathogens: 9 diseases that could cause a major epidemic


The recent declaration of the zika virus as a “global emergency” by the WHO as a consequence of the epidemic in Latin America highlights once more the threat that emerging diseases represent for public health. It is not easy to predict when and where new infectious diseases will...

Manolis Kogevinas

European Code Against Cancer. 12 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk


There are an estimated 2.64 million new cancer cases and 1.28 million cancer-related deaths every year in the European Union. In Spain, there were an estimated 128 550 new cases of cancer among men and 86 984 among women in 2012 The number of cancer-related deaths in the same year was 63 579 for...

Jose Muñoz

Chikungunya, a Virus Going Global


[This article has been written by  Jose Muñoz , Tropical Medicine specialist at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and ISGlobal researcher, and  Pau Rubio , responsible for Online Communications at ISGlobal]  Before turning up in Gandia, this wayfaring virus...

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