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Laia Bertran

Guaranteeing Health Protection During Times of Crisis Is Possible (and Necessary). The State Is the Key!

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

The seminar Building a Global Health Social Contract for the 21st Century , organised by ISGlobal on 7 and 8 November, helped to identify the component elements of the foundations for a new conception of global health that places the needs of people firmly centre stage. That statement leads...

Federico Fenaroli

Nanoparticles: The New Weapon Against Tuberculosis?


Tuberculosis (TB) has become the most serious bacterial threat with the development of urbanization in the early 19 th century. Recent intensification of world globalization has worsened this scenario, making mycobacterial disease more widespread. Even though 95% of TB cases still occur in...

Pau Rubio

Don’t Bore Them! Transform Your Presentations into Stories


Don’t worry if you’re faced with an audience dotted with bowed heads during your presentation. It’s not that they’re depressed, they have probably just replaced you with Twitter, Facebook, or the latest sports news. Their smartphone is simply more interesting than your presentation. It’s...

Gonzalo Fanjul

¿Podemos garantizar la cobertura de salud para todo el planeta?

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

[Esta entrada ha sido publicada originalmente en el blog 3500m ] Participo en Barcelona en el seminario del Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (@ISGlobalorg) Construyendo un contrato social global para la salud en el siglo XXI . El título no es muy cinematográfico, ya lo sé,...

Jordi Vila

7 Facts About Antibiotic Resistance (infographic)

Antibiotic Resistance

[This entry has been written by Jordi Vila and Ignasi Roca ] The discovery of antibiotics and their application in the treatment of infectious diseases at the end of the nineteenth century is seen as one of the most important breakthroughs in the history of biomedicine. The advent of...

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