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Meggie Mwoka

Let’s Talk About Private and Public Health Care

Training & Education,Health Equity

The discussion on the role of private health sector in low and middle income countries is often met with mixed feelings. Different paradigms on whether health is a public good versus a business underlie the discussions. The private health sector is undergoing massive growth...

Antoni Plasència

Health Cannot Be Approached Other than at the Global Level

Health Equity

In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent planet, only a global approach will allow to respond to the increasing complexity and diversity of health challenges At a time where we have almost completed the first two decades of the 21st century, we have seen the best but also the...

Ana Requena

Against the Current: The Challenge of Including the Health Needs (and Rights) of Migrants in Health Care Strategies

Training & Education,Health Equity

Ana Requena, an ISGlobal Medical Research Fellow, is one of the coordinators of an upcoming intensive course organised by ISGlobal to be held on 25 and 26 November entitled Against the Current: Migration and Health in the Mediterranean (registration deadline 15 November)   ...

Elena Villanueva

Access to Health Care: Leaving No One Behind

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity,AID

“There are two loaves. You eat two. I eat none. Average consumption: one loaf of bread per person.” Decades before they had even been envisaged, the poet Nicanor Parra highlighted in this short verse one of the key problems of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): when it comes to indicators,...

Andrew Dabalen

Are Opportunities Expanding for Children in Africa?

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health,Health Equity

[This text was co-authored by Andrew Dabalen and Ambar Narayan, Lead Economists at the World Bank Group] The Do African Children Have an Equal Chance? report is about opportunities for children in 20 countries There’s a buzz about Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) these days.[i] Growth...

Ana Revenga

When It Comes to Tackling Inequality, Start Early

Health Equity

It seems that everyone is talking about inequality these days, and I, for one, am happy to see this issue at the forefront in the development discussion. We can look at inequality in a number of ways, which are not unrelated. One of the most visible types of inequality on the radar...

Gonzalo Fanjul

Hepatitis C Shouldn’t Become Another Ebola

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

Electoral pressure seems to have exerted its magical effect as the government announced during the state debate that all Hepatitis C (HCV) patients in our country will receive the new treatment in the next few weeks. The engagement has led to a soft loan to the autonomous communities (the...

Josep M. Antó

Reducing Energy Poverty Is Good for the Heart

Environmental Health,Health Equity

[This text has been written by Xavier Basagaña and Josep Mª Antó, researchers at  Centro de Investigación en Epidemiología Ambiental (CREAL) , partner institution of ISGlobal.] Many headlines and articles have been written in the media over the past few months about the...

Rafael Vilasanjuan

Chagas, entre el silencio y el olvido

Chagas,Health Equity

A diferencia de la malaria o el dengue, el mal de Chagas es una enfermedad poco conocida. Sin embargo, se trata de una enfermedad mortal y es, además, una de las principales causas que impide el desarrollo rural y económico de amplias zonas rurales en Latinoamérica. El Chagas es una...

Antoni Plasència

A Global and Shared Responsibility

Health Equity,AID,Ebola

MSF workers assist a patient with possible symptoms of ebola. The number of people who died in the world’s poorest countries from malaria and tuberculosis on any given day in 2013 was greater than all those who have died from Ebola in the current epidemic. But neither of those...

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