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Suerie Moon

Transnational Transparency: Why it Matters for Global Health

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

In the days leading up to the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, Edward Snowden and Chelsea/Bradley Manning had both made the shortlist of pundits and the public. The Nobel announcement preceded the first ever Global Transparency Week from 24-31 October 2013, an...

Jordi Sunyer

7 Ways Air Pollution Hinders Your Health

Environmental Health

Outdoor air pollution was recently classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)­the World Health Organisation’s specialized cancer agency. This was done after experts concluded that there is sufficient scientific evidence to support the...

Suerie Moon

A Global Social Contract for a Healthy Global Society?

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

The world was appalled when HIV/AIDS was ravaging sub-Saharan Africa but lifesaving treatment was priced out of reach of 99% of the population in 2001. It was heartbroken when an earthquake brought unprecedented devastation to Haiti in 2010 and to Japan in 2011. It was outraged when 15-year...

Gonzalo Fanjul

How Many Are Being Left Behind?

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

Our generation has witnessed unprecedented progress in the field of development. In the last 20 years alone the number of people living in hunger on the planet has been reduced by around 200 million. The number of child deaths in 2012 was 4.4 million less than in 1990, and in a large part of...

Rachel Kiddell-monroe

Global Health: We Need to Start Thinking Out of the Box

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

In 1999, access to medicines activists began to talk about the lack of research and development in place to address the massive burden of disease found only in low and middle-income countries. Coining the term neglected diseases, these actors pointed out that while malaria, sleeping sickness...

Anna Lucas

Girl Brides, Child Slaves

Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

Today is the second observance of the International Day of the Girl Child. Girls are a very vulnerable group that in developing regions suffer from gender inequality, poverty and lack of rights--a population group that we have abandoned to their fate. The clearest proof of this neglect is...

Joan Tallada

Equity is the New Buzzword

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

Today, no self-respecting journal article, inaugural speech or blog post in the field of international cooperation—much less global health—can fail to make some mention of equity, whereas at the beginning of the second millennium the notion barely got a mention. It would appear that the...

Krijn Paaijmans

How Many Mosquitoes Are Killed by Insecticides?


Indoor residual spray of insecticides and insecticidal nets are the two most important malaria vector control tools. But both tools face an imminent threat: mosquito resistance. Science and industry are rapidly developing and testing a range of new compounds and products to win this arms race,...

Rafael Vilasanjuan

Global Health Inequities: The End of an Era?

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

[This entry has been written by Gonzalo Fanjul and Rafael Vilasanjuan ]   As the 2015 target dates for the Millennium Development Goals draw nearer, two things have become clear: first, that we will not reach the goals set; and second, that there has never before been such a...

Joan Tallada

Public Expenditure on Health in the Post-2015 Agenda: Let's Think About it Again

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity

It seems that the proposal to make universal health coverage (UHC) an umbrella goal in the post-2015 development agenda is gaining more support every day, despite its conceptual and empirical limitations . However, once we have agreed on what we want to do, we will need to agree on who...

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