7 razones por las que las mujeres no reciben la atención de salud materna que necesitan (infografía)

7 Reasons Why Women Don't Get the Maternity Care They Need (infographic)

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About 40% of women in developing countries still do not have a skilled birth attendant during childbirth, and less than 40% women receive a postnatal visit. The high percentage of women not receiving the healthcare they need is the reason behind many avoidable deaths and the lack of progress to achieve MDG5.
What is the complex of factors that contributes to this situation? Our new infographic summarizes the obvious and less-obvious barriers that deter women from accessing maternity care.
1) In many of the world's societies cultural and/or religious beliefs conflict with efforts to increase family planning and other iniciatives to prevent unnecessary maternal deaths.
2) The general health status of women is a result of the low status of women in the family and societies.
3) A low level of education prevents/delays women or their relatives from seeking medical care.
4) Inadequate transport infraestructures make health facilities inaccessible for vulnerable populations.
5) Economic inequalities leave low income women and families unable to pay user fees and/or for necessary transportation.
6) Weak health systems result in extremely low quality maternity services.
7) Lack of political will to make women's health and rights a priority

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