Contracting of works, services and supplies

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In relation to the contracting of works, services and supplies by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health Private Foundation (ISGlobal), please consult the following information.

File 4/2019 - BOHEMIA Data Management Contractor

File 1/2019 – Hiring of laboratory material supply

  • Aim and detail of needs - 22/01/2019 (download)
  • Procurement notice - 04/03/2019: Fisher Scientific, S.L. (download); DDBIolab, S.L. (download); Controltecnica Instrumentació científica (download); Calservice Heratec, S.L. (download); Merck Chemicals and life Science S.A.U. (download); VWR International Eurolab, S.L. (download)

File 13/2018 – Hiring the supply of computer equipment


File 8/2018 – Recruitment of the preliminary audit service / GAP Analysis


File 7/2018 – Hiring of the execution of the construction works of a microbiology laboratory and its facilities (level I)


File 6/2018 – Hiring of the execution of the civil works of a microbiology laboratory (level I)


File 5/2018 – Hiring of the assignment service in the use of printers, the supply of its consumables and the comprehensive repair and maintenance service


File 4/2017 – Enhancements of MESA II digital asset and data strategy

  • Specification of conditions (download)
  • Letter amendment to contract (download)

File 3/2017 – Hiring the financial audit service of the annual accounts of ISGlobal


File 2/2017 – Hiring of conventional office cleaning service

  • Notice (download)
  • Specifications of conditions (download)
  • Detail of amendment: Extension deadline for submitting offers to September 15, 2017, at 12 PM
  • Publication of the adjudication of the conventional office cleaning service, file number 2/2017 (download)

File 1/2017 – Hiring the travel management and assistance service for ISGlobal

  • Specification of particular clauses (download)
  • Specification of technical prescriptions (download)
  • Standard contract (download)
  • Date of dispatch of the announcement to the Official Journal of the European Union: April 4, 2017 (download)
  • Amendment detail (download)
  • Specification of particular clauses (modified April, 21) (download)
  • Opening of envelope number 3: Friday 23 at 12 PM, in Roselló, 132, 2ª floor
  • Summary of the ratings obtained in the envelope number 3 of the contract concerning the travel management and assistance services for ISGlobal (download)
  • Act of public opening of the envelopes number 3 concerning the contract for the travel management and assistance services for ISGlobal. Socores obtained by the bidders, envelope number 2 (download)
  • Classification of the bids submitted in the award procedure of the contract concerning the management and travel assistance services for ISGlobal, 1/2017 file (download)
  • Agreement for the award of the contract concerning the management and travel assistance services for ISGlobal, 1/2017 file (download)