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Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública


Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública

The Institute of Public Health of Mexico, led by Dr. Mario Henry Rodriguez Lopez, is an institution of great international prestige, especially in the field of air pollution, its effects on inflammation and the protective role of nutrients, an area in which Dra. Isabelle Romieu has become a world leader.

Dr Romieu's stays in CREAL (now ISGlobal Campus PRBB) have encouraged the collaboration between both institutions to study cohorts of infants in order to determine the role of pollutants at the beginning of life on respiratory function in asthma and in neurodevelopment, as well as gene-environment interactions.

The fruit of this collaboration was the joint publication of eight original articles. The convention will strengthen scientific collaborations between both centers through the launching of joint projects and the exchange of researchers.

Further information:

Convenio entre el CREAL y el Instituto de Salud Pública de México (in catalan)