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Arizona Respiratory Center


Arizona Respiratory Center

The Arizona Respiratory Center at the University of Arizona, led by Dr. Fernando Martinez, has achieved great international recognition for its epidemiological research on asthma, having made outstanding contributions to the knowledge of the natural history of childhood asthma, its risk factors and its treatment. As a result of these studies, the population model of childhood asthma in Tucson, Arizona, has become a global benchmark.

"The incorporation in CREAL - now ISGlobal Campus PRBB- of Dr. Stefano Guerra, until now working at the Arizona Respiratory Center, has stimulated interest to establish a collaborative research in asthma and COPD between both institutions".

This interest was consolidated on February 16, 2009 with the collaboration agreement between CREAL (now ISGlobal Campus PRBB) and Arizona University. One of the important aspects of this agreement is to strengthen the possibility that Dr. Stephano Guerra continues to maintain an active part in the current research in Tucson, which is highly complementary with COPD research developed by CREAL (now ISGlobal Campus PRBB).

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