Liver International 2022

Hepatitis delta virus infection prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment in the Middle East: A scoping review.

Lazarus JV, Al-Rifai A, Sanai FM, Alghamdi AS, Sharara AI, Saad MF, van Selm L, Alqahtani SA
Hepatitis D virus (HDV) infection is a global public health concern, especially due to its unique existence in the presence of hepatitis B virus infection. HDV infection is estimated to affect 12 million people globally. Having a clearer understanding of its prevalence in all regions of the world is essential for helping direct preventive and early interventional treatment. This mini-review assessed the literature over the last ten years to determine the prevalence, diagnostic means, and treatment guidelines available for HDV in the Middle East. The search found limited data available in 21 articles, of which 18 were studies focused on Iran. Prevalence rates ranged dramatically among the countries, and none of the 12 countries included in the search had specific HDV guidelines. This review highlights the urgent need for more precise data for the Middle East region to help establish early diagnosis and treatment options for HDV.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.