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Ana Requena Mendez

Ana Requena Mendez

Assistant Research Professor Chagas, Chagas

Ana Requena-Méndez is a medical doctor and a clinical researcher on migrant health diseases whose research interests are related to imported diseases and evaluation of health needs of migrants.

At the beginning of her research career, she spent some time in Peru working in different research projects related to tuberculosis, and completed her PhD degree on this topic. She has worked in a TB clinic and also in a sexually transmitted infection clinic in Barcelona. Since 2011, she has been working at ISGlobal as medical research fellow focused on clinical epidemiology of imported diseases, particularly with migrant populations and neglected tropical diseases. She participated in the establishment of the European network of Latin-American migrant health (COHEMI) funded by the FP7-EU, where she has consolidated expertise in public health policies concerning the screening and management of infectious diseases in migrant population.

She is currently leading the migrant and health research area at ISGlobal with projects in Barcelona and in North Africa and she is collaborating in the elaboration of European guidelines for the screening of infectious diseases in migrants coordinated by ECDC as a member of the expert panel.

Lines of Research

  • Screening on infectious diseases in migrant populations
  • Imported diseases of immunosuppressed migrants
  • Evaluation of health needs of migrants


Main Publications