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I have a Bachelor of Biology Science from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree on International Public Health at the Spanish Health National School (ENS-ISCIII). I have been always attracted by the study of population as a whole, analyzing the factors that hinder -as well as those that promote- their development, and the impact of creative, innovative strategies that go farther than increasing the assigned budget, and lead the change toward improvement. Although we can locally solve a problem in a limited area and reach a foreseen development level, we will not be able to sustain that situation if we do not consider working also in the improvement of interacting populations.


I have been managing health research and training projects since 2002 on organ donation and transplantation (2002-2008), international strategies towards malaria control and elimination (2009-2012), and, in the last years (2013-present), on cause of death investigation in low- and mid-income countries.