Oferta de treball: Predoc Genomic of Malaria

PhD fellow in “Omics against malaria: sex, social affairs and elimination”


The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) is a cutting-edge institute addressing global public health challenges through research, translation into policy and education. The overall goal of the Malaria Physiopathology group (https://www.isglobal.org/en/our-team/-/profiles/3300) is to contribute to the development of new tools for the control and eventual elimination of malaria through the understanding of key physiopathological events of malaria in children and pregnant women. To this end, we combine molecular biology, immunology, epidemiology and clinical medicine to study parasite and host factors influencing the clinical outcome of malaria infections.

Large-scale programs which quickly reduce the malaria parasite biomass in a community can exert strong selection pressures on the parasite population. Our preliminary data in southern Mozambique suggest that the drastic declines in P. falciparum (Pf) transmission achieved through an elimination program are associated with reductions in parasite genetic diversity and increases in gametocyte carriage, therefore supporting the concept that Pf can modulate sexual investment to maximize its within-host competitive ability. This project aims to test if the Pf reproductive transcriptional program adapts to changes in malaria transmission, under the hypothesis that reductions in within-host competition of genetically diverse parasites will lead to an increase in sex allocation. To achieve this, we will combine transcriptional, genomic and functional assays to identify biological mechanisms mediating the adaptive regulation of Pf reproductive investment in response to human interventions.


ISGlobal/CEK building

What We Are Looking for:

ISGlobal is looking for an enthusiastic, organized and autonomous PhD student who is interested in applying for a grant which will be opened during the following months (AGAUR and others) to develop the PhD project.

Field research:

Biological sciences

Training and experience /Qualifications:

Degree in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biology, Bioinformatics or similar areas

Specific Requirements:

  • Degree in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biology, Bioinformatic or similar areas.
  • Self-motivation, eagerness to grow professionally and commitment to self-development
  • Experience in molecular biology and/or bioinformatics
  • Ability to establish and maintain a good working relationship with people of different national and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Availability to travel to Mozambique and/or USA for training purposes.
  • Computer skills (Windows, Microsoft Office, Statistics and BioInformatics) are also of value. 
  • The selected candidate will need to apply for a pre-doctoral fellowship. For this reason, only candidates with average degree qualifications above 2.2 in the 0-4 scale will be considered.

Key Responsibilities:

Apply for PhD grants.
  • Develop molecular techniques and/or bioinformatic pipelines at ISGlobal’s laboratory.
  • Analyse and prepare manuscripts presenting results obtained during the research.
  • Develop a thesis on the main topic of the project.
  • Capacity building of Mozambican students


  • Strong problem-solving competence and effective communication skills. 
  • Drive and determination.
  • Desire to learn.
  • Focus and discipline.
  • Respects and embraces diversity of perspective.
  • Enjoy solving problems; inquisitive and analytical; engaged and motivated.
  • Able to work both independently and as part of a larger team.
  • Ability to see the big picture and work towards that goal.
  • Ability to build and manage relationships with various collaborators across and outside the company.


Language level:

Fluent English


Duration: 3 year (dependent on the application to PhD fellowships) 
Starting date: February-March 2022
Contract: Full time
Salary Range: 
During the crisis caused by COVID19, standard working conditions will be adapted to sanitary requirements. 

Closing date:

March 2022

How to apply:

Applicants must fill in the request form and include the following code reference position: Predoc GenMal_Oct2021, attach the CV and a Cover Letter. Each attached document must be named with the candidate name and surname. 
The receipt of applications will be open until March, the 15th, 2022
Applications will be accepted until 17.00 CET of the closing date.
Only the applications submitted through the request form will be considered.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
The interviews could be placed during the reception candidatures period.

In ISGlobal we are committed to maintaining and developing a work environment in which the values and principles of our organization are respected and equal opportunities between women and men be promoted in each of the areas in which we operate, not tolerating discrimination based on criteria such as age, sex, marital status, race, ethnicity, disabilities, political leanings, religion or sexual orientation.