Social Psychiatry And Psychiatric Epidemiology 2022

Mental health and COVID-19 in a general population cohort in Spain (COVICAT study).

Goldberg X, Castaño-Vinyals G, Espinosa A, Carreras A, Liutsko L, Sicuri E, Foraster M, O'Callaghan-Gordo C, Dadvand P, Moncunill G, Dobaño C, Cortés B, Pleguezuelos V, Straif K, Garcia-Aymerich J, de Cid R, Cardis E, Kogevinas M
Mental health conditions may affect outcome of COVID-19 disease, while exposure to stressors during the pandemic may impact mental health. The purpose of this study was to examine these factors in relation to ocurrence of depression and anxiety after the first outbreak in Spain.We contacted 9515 participants from a population-based cohort study in Catalonia between May and October 2020. We drew blood samples to establish infection to the virus. Pre-pandemic mental health conditions were confirmed through Electronic Health Registries. We used the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale to assess severe depression and anxiety post-pandemic. Exposure to proximal, financial and wider environment stressors during the lockdown were collected. We calculated Relative Risks (RR), adjusting for individual- and contextual covariates.Pre-pandemic mental health disorders were not associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection , but were associated with severity of COVID-19 disease. People with pre-existing mental health disorders showed higher prevalence of severe depression (25.4%) and anxiety (37.8%) than those without prior mental disorders (4.9% and 10.1%). Living alone was a strong predictor of severe depression among mental health patients (RR = 1.6, 95% CI 1.2-2.2). Among those without prior mental health disorders, post-lockdown depression and anxiety were associated with household interpersonal conflicts (RR = 2.6, 95% CI 2.1-3.1; RR = 2.1, 95% CI 1.9-2.4) and financial instability (RR = 2.2, 95% CI 1.8-2.9; 1.9, 95% CI 1.6-2.2).The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown were associated with increased post-lockdown depression and anxiety. Patients with pre-existing mental health conditions are a vulnerable group for severe COVID-19 disease.© 2022. The Author(s).