Investigación, Eliminación de la malaria

Targeting Proteostasis for Antimalarial Drug Development

Prof. Leann Tilley
10.00 h.
Room 1+2, ground floor, CEK
(Rosselló, 153) Barcelona
Prof. Leann Tilley (The University of Melbourne)

Based in Bio21 Institute at the University of Melbourne, the Tilley Lab led by Professor Leann Tilley is working as part of a global effort to understand and control malaria. Her lab undertakes research in the areas of cell biology and drug development related to the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. They are particularly interested in how the parasite alters the erythrocyte surface to cause malaria pathology, as well as the remarkable transformation that turns parasites banana-shaped and allows them to be transmitted from a human host to a mosquito vector. They also investigate the action of and resistance to artemisinin, with a view to designing better antimalarial drugs.

On March 31, Prof. Leann Tilley will offer an open seminar entitled "Targeting proteostasis for antimalarial drug development, at the Esther Koplowitz Centre, in Barcelona.