Oferta de trabajo: Postdoctoral researcher for the analysis of the socio-demographic determinants of heat stress


The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) is looking for a postdoctoral researcher willing to work on the study of the socio-demographic determinants of heat stress and the role of climate variability within the H2020 project PUCS (find a description of the project below). The research will be carried out in parallel with the work done for the H2020 projects ACCLIM and Blue-Action, both also on temperature-related mortality, and will be supervised by Dr. Joan Ballester from the Climate and Health Program:

PUCS (Pan-European Urban Climate Service) is a H2020 innovation project that will take the best available urban climate data and convert it into information that is relevant for public and private end-users operating in cities for a range of different sectors. This will improve decision-making in regard to sector policies and urban planning, and will help end-users to better address the consequences of climate change at the local scale. ISGlobal will closely collaborate with end-users to generate a prototype of forecast scheme of temperature-related mortality for European cities based on climate data and tools developed in the project. The final aim is to demonstrate, replicate, and further upscale a modular and sustainable pan-European urban climate service to propose relevant solutions to end-users.

The research aim of ISGlobal's Climate and Health Program is to address the effects that environmental conditions and climate change have on human health. The research record of scientists in the Program include several high-quality articles in high-impact journals such as Nature, Science, The Lancet, PNAS, Nature Climate Change and Nature Communications. The lines of research include extreme temperatures and precipitation, heat waves and cold spells, the impact of climate change on the spread of infectious (e.g. malaria, dengue, leishmaniosis, chikungunya, Zika) and non-infectious (Kawasaki Syndrome) diseases, the El Niño phenomenon and other environmental and climate factors.


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