Mycobacterium Wolinskyi: A New Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterium Associated with Cardiovascular Infections?

Hernandez-Meneses M, González-Martín J, Agüero D, Tolosana JM, Sandoval E, Falces C, San Antonio R, Vidal B, Moreno A, Ambrosioni J, Miró JM, Hospital Clínic of Barcelona Infectious Endocarditis Team.
Mycobacterium wolinskyi is a rapid-growth non-tuberculous mycobacterium. Twenty-one cases of M. wolinskyi infection have been described so far, more than half as cardiovascular or postoperative cardiothoracic infections. We report the case of a patient with a cardiovascular implantable electronic device infected by M. wolinskyi, successfully treated with device removal and antimicrobials.