Oferta de trabajo: Mozambique Based - Project Manager for PAMAFRICA - CISM.


Manhiça Health Research Center (CISM), is recruiting a Project Manager (m / f) for Manhiça, in Mozambique.


Mozambique - Manhiça


  • Ensure the management, planning and implementation as well as the reporting of the Project's training activities within the scope of the PAMAFRICA Consortium;
  • Support capacity-building activities through the development of training action plans and organization of courses;
  • Ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the PAMAFRICA Consortium's training objectives within the plans;
  • Control the evolution of the project, manage costs, allocate costs appropriately, and achievement of goals;
  • Ensure project management from the beginning to implementation, including planning, managing resources, human, material and financial.

Main Responsibilities

The following responsibilities are expected for this position:

  • Ensure that the activities of the projects are implemented according to the objectives and schedules established;
  • Monitor project progress and ensure timely decision making;
  • Monitor adherence to the Operational Procedures and Guidelines, applicable Standard, legal frameworks, written procedures and agreements with funders;
  • Support in administrative and financial activities related to training processes;
  • Support staff to participate in national and international conferences and workshops;
  • Support capacity-building activities through the development of training plans and content as well as the organization of courses;
  • Actively participate in the preparation and translation of training materials in Portuguese, English and French;
  • Develop a weekly, monthly, six-monthly work plan;
  • Work in collaboration with the contract management, logistics and departments related to the PAMAFRICA project;
  • Work in collaboration with different key actors linked to the project;
  • Ensuring effective communication and coordination between key actors and serving as the focal person at CISM-Fundação Manhica for topics related to the project;
  • Create and manage a training database;
  • Prepare quarterly, half-yearly and annual technical reports;
  • Be responsible and committed to deadlines;
  • Have availability to guarantee the exchange of relevant information within the established deadline.



  • Master’s in Business Management or related areas;
  • Degree in Engineering, Business Administration and Management;
  • Minimum 2 to 3 years of experience in managing national and international projects
  • Training in project management;
  • Knowledge in information technologies from the user's perspective: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet outlook;
  • Database management;
  • Knowledge of ZOOM, go to meeting, Microsoft teams’ platforms;
  • Good communication and writing skills in Portuguese, English, and French;
  • Good writing skills and report synthesis and the respective file;
  • Good organization of time and excellent management of its activities.

How to Apply

Submit your CV, certificate and ID card until April 04, 2021.

Subject: Application for a PAMAFRICA Project Manager
Email:  recrutamento@manhica.net 

Only pre-selected candidates for the interview will be contacted.