Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2021

Evaluation of the performance of Loopamp™ Trypanosoma cruzi Detection Kit for the diagnosis of Chagas disease in a non-endemic area, Spain.

Flores-Chávez MD, Abras A, Ballart C, Ibáñez Perez I, Perez-Gordillo P, Gallego M, Muñoz C, Moure Z, Sulleiro Igual E, Nieto J, García Diez E, Cruz I, Picado A
Background: In Spain, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the tool of choice for the diagnosis of congenital Chagas disease (CD) and serology for diagnosing chronic CD. A loop-mediated isothermal amplification test for Trypanosoma cruzi DNA detection showed a good analytical performance and ease of use. We aimed to evaluate the performance of the Loopamp™ Trypanosoma cruzi Detection Kit, Eiken Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan (Tcruzi-LAMP) for congenital and chronic CD diagnosis using well-characterized samples.Methods: We included samples from 39 congenital and 174 chronic CD cases, and from 48 uninfected children born to infected mothers and 34 non-chagasic individuals. Sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of Tcruzi-LAMP was estimated using standard case definitions for congenital CD (positive result by parasitological or PCR tests or serology after nine months of age) and chronic CD (positive serology by at least two tests). The Tcruzi-LAMP results were read by visual examination and a real-time fluorimeter.Results: For congenital CD, Tcruzi-LAMP sensitivity was 97% for both types of reading; specificity was 92% by visual examination and 94% by fluorimeter. For chronic CD, sensitivity was 47% and specificity 100%. The accuracy in congenital CD was >94% vs 56% in chronic CD. The agreement of Tcruzi-LAMP with PCR tests was better in congenital CD (kappa 0.86 to 0.91) than in chronic CD (kappa 0.67 to 0.83).Conclusions: The LoopampTrypanosoma cruzi Detection Kit showed a good performance for the diagnosis of congenital CD. Tcruzi-LAMP, like PCR, can be useful for the screening and early diagnosis of congenital infection. Copyright © 2021 Flores-Chavez et al.