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Rachel Lowe

Can Climate Forecasts Also Predict Disease Outbreaks?

Environmental Health

In a recent study, we used climate forecasts to predict the risk of a dengue epidemic Decision-makers in resource strained settings face the daunting task of budgeting for unforeseen emergencies at the start of each fiscal year. Advance warning of when disasters might strike , from...

Èrica Martínez

How Heatwaves Affect Our Health

Environmental Health

A heatwave is a period of at least three consecutive days during which the temperatures forecast are higher than the maximum temperatures recorded for the season Recently, the weather has become a very common topic of conversation. And the reason is that this year we have had the...

Natalie Mueller

The Health Benefits of Cycling

Environmental Health

Large amounts of public space in cities are assigned to accommodating motor traffic While physical-intensive labour and mobility activities have decreased over the decades resulting in sedentarism and the obesity crisis , motor vehicle usage is still on the rise. Continuing expansions of...

Carolyn Daher

Kicking Our 20th Century Addiction and Reclaiming Our Cities

Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in Planeta Futuro-El País] We have come to see cars not merely as a mode of transport but as a fundamental right. But at what cost? Let’s be honest with ourselves. We are addicted to our cars . Nearly a century of seductive...

Laia Font

What Do You Know About the Water You Drink? Reflections on World Water Day

Environmental Health

9% of the people in the world today do not have access to clean drinking water, a situation that leads to over 500,000 deaths from diarrhoea every year The World Health Organisation estimates that 9% of the people in the world today do not have access to clean drinking water , a...

Elisabeth Cardis

Fukushima, 6 Years Later: Consequences and Lessons

Environmental Health

[This article has been published in Spanish in Materia-El País by Adelaida Sarukhan  and  Elisabeth Cardis ] On March 11, 2011, an earthquake of magnitude 9 shook the east of Japan (...) and led to one of the worse nuclear accidents in history On March 11, 2011 , an...

Èrica Martínez

Climate Change in Catalonia: How Is It Affecting Our Health?

Environmental Health

In the Third Report on Climate Change in Catalonia, ISGlobal researchers compiled the scientific evidence on the health effects associated with the changes in our climate The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that the existence of climate...

Ariadna Curto

How Do Barcelona Residents Get Around? The Results of the TAPAS Survey

Environmental Health

Article by  Tania Martínez , research technician, and Ariadna Curto , predoctoral researcher, both from ISGlobal  “ Hi, we’re looking for people to take part in a scientific study on how to improve transportation in Barcelona. Do you have a minute?” This was...

Patrícia De Llobet

Studying Population Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy Emitted by Mobile Communications Devices

Environmental Health

We want to establish the patterns of exposure of the human body to the radiation and ascertain to what degree RF may affect our health In recent years, we have witnessed the very rapid evolution of mobile communications. Just two decades ago, this technology was limited to a single...

Diana Van Gent

Why Exposome is Challenging Research

Environmental Health

HELIX is one of the first two projects funded by the European Commission in 2012, launching the FP7 Exposome Research Programme to start mapping the exposome . The research is based on the recognition that major environmental hazards may lead to serious, chronic conditions with large ...

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