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Development cooperation in middle income countries

  • Mireia Navarro

    International Cooperation for Health in Middle-Income Countries

    Should middle-income countries receive international aid to improve their health systems? This question is currently the subject of considerable debate, and there is no simple answer. On the one hand, health is closely related to both equity and poverty ; a population’s access to health...

  • Daniela Enzler

    Balancing 'Carrot and Stick” in Global Aid for Health

    Should international aid for health support middle-income countries ? International health funds tend to answer this question with ‘no’, based on the states responsibility and ability to pay, and focus on low-income countries only. The following lines try to examine this policy from a...

Laia Bertran

Development Cooperation: Is Spain Going to Return to the Big Table?


In the midst of all the excitement generated by the approval of the Sustainable Development Goals , it is sad to note that the results of the summit would not have been changed an iota had the Spanish delegation chosen to stay at home. What makes this situation even more depressing, if that...

Elena Villanueva

Access to Health Care: Leaving No One Behind

Policy & Global Development,Health Equity,AID

“There are two loaves. You eat two. I eat none. Average consumption: one loaf of bread per person.” Decades before they had even been envisaged, the poet Nicanor Parra highlighted in this short verse one of the key problems of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): when it comes to indicators,...

Luis Gerardo Castillo

The Day I Made the Decision to Switch from Neurosurgery to Global Health

Training & Education,AID

I was sixteen when I started my medical studies. For some reason, I was always the youngest student in the class throughout my whole academic career. The truth is that—while I sometimes found the environment to be challenging—my classmates tended to stick to well-trodden paths and did not get...

Rafael Vilasanjuan

Health After the Millennium Development Goals

Policy & Global Development,AID

None of the Millennium Development Goals will be achieved exactly as planned. However, we all want to include the issues we see as essential in the new framework of the Sustainable Development Goals As we approach the target date set at the end of the last century for achieving a series of...

Lessons Learnt from the British Cooperation

  • Gonzalo Fanjul

    What Spain Should NOT Learn From the British Aid System

    Last week I wrote a

  • Gonzalo Fanjul
    Policy & Global Development,AID

    What Can Spain Learn from the British Aid System?

    Over the last two days, ISGlobal has been involved in a small experiment: we have travelled to London to learn about the British aid system. The group included five members of parliament from three different parties (we invited several of them – including Podemos – but only received a positive...

Gonzalo Fanjul

The Cooperation of the Future is Here

Policy & Global Development,AID,Ebola,#ObjectHealth

Before the current crisis, there had been twenty-four outbreaks of Ebola in seven African countries since 1976. In these earlier outbreaks, the total number of cases never exceeded 500 and the highest number of deaths was 260 in one case. The idea of working on preventive and curative...

Antoni Plasència

Improving the Governance of Global Health Emergencies


That diseases spread without respect for borders is something we have always known since the dawn of humanity; and, incidentally, bacteria, viruses and parasites have all played decisive roles in the development of our species. What is new is the speed with which diseases can spread today and...

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